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Young Women’s Summit 2017 – I am. I can. I will.

16681593_1620978747918703_4794937922534779344_nWhat an extraordinary first weekend of our Sixth Annual Young Women’s Summit! The young women, invited from five Middle Schools in Berks County, engaged in a variety of activities to learn about themselves, how they view and connect with others, and strengthen their leadership skills.

On Sunday, our focus was on flash judgements, labels we get and give, and how to build our personal power. The girls got to “shake off” any negative labels and then decorated their own Cape of Power with positive messages to help give them strength.

16649169_1619551388061439_795886287595564132_nThis weekend, the leadership training continues when the young women learn how to use their strengths to empower others and give back to the community through Service Learning Projects. We can’t wait to see the amazing results!

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