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Lauren Moyer

“I love the Junior League selfishly because it has been there for me. When I needed a sense of community, the JL was there. When I needed a close group of women to lift me up and encourage me personally or professionally, my JL network was there. When I needed to serve and feel like I had worth and value and like I was doing something meaningful and purposeful in the world, the JL was there providing me with opportunities to do just that.

What inspires me about the Junior League, is the members themselves. These women come from all different backgrounds, each of them with different skills and talents that they so generously offer to the JL and the community at large. But the one thing almost every JL member has in common, is passion. It’s the passion for service, and seeing a need and filling it, and it’s the passion for making a positive impact that results in creating inspiring change in our community.”


14 years as Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Berks County, 2 years as GOTR Board President, Current Director for VOiCEup


Owner of Wallscapes, a decorative painting business

JLR Leadership Experience

Past Public Relationss Chair, Community Contributions Chair, Special Events Chair, Advocacy Chair, Community Development Chair, VP of Finance, VP of Community