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Seeing is believing

Can you guess what I saw today?  No, not the late fall snow, although that was quite a surprise!  I saw something beautiful. Smart.  Strong.  Brave.  Kind.  Fun.  Happy.  I saw girls running and completing their very first practice 5K as part of the 13th and Union Elementary School Girls on the Run club in the cold, freezing rain.  Every single girl finished.

These girls, sponsored in part by us, the Junior League of Reading, ran, walked and skipped their way to the finish line encouraged by parents, teachers and some incredible Girls on the Run coaches. The girls surprised me too. When the very last runner rounded her last corner on her last lap in the sleet, the other girls, who could have been inside warming up and getting a snack, ran to her side and cheered her right into the finish line!  To see her face as she crossed the finish line really made me stop and think that Youth Empowered is happening out here.  Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it.

**Please consider joining JLR at Run Santa Run on December 13 to cheer on 300 Girls on the Run girls as they complete their very first 5K – you’ll be a believer too!**

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